sabato 19 giugno 2010

Old School!

Davvero bella questa Triumph Bonneville Black 'trasformata' da Dave Velcek, che ci ha descritto accuratamente tutti i lavori effettuati:

I started with an 08 Triumph Bonneville Black, EFI.

The build details:

PART 1 - What I did (or had done) before sending it up to DEUS

  • Building and installing an 18-inch rear wheel, and a 19-inch front wheel, both MORAD VALANCED rims, with OEM hubs, powder coated GLOSS BLACK, and with 6/8 ga butted stainless steels spokes - wheels build by Phil Degrunchy at LIGHTFOOT ENGINEERING
  • Installing vintage Firestones front and rear - 450-18 and 400-19 (tyres purchased from Ben McKinnon at Antique Tyres )
  • removing front fender
  • powder coating centre mounts of disc rotors
  • powder coating L & R engine covers gloss black
  • extending the rear swing arm by 2.5"
  • installing new rear sprocket anodised in black
  • installing new rear chain
  • installing small sprocket cover (purchased from British Customs in the USA)
  • Madass mufflers (Melbourne), and OEM headers, HPC coated with polished tips

PART 2 - What DEUS did

  • convert OEM top tree to smooth neat top tree, painted gloss black
  • make alloy “speedo bracket” for OEM Bonnie speedo and install in the centre under the top yoke
  • 7" side mount headlight
  • custom headlight brackets, chromed
  • integrated indicator lights in top of headlight
  • 41mm Tingate clip-on bars, handlebars converted from 1" to 7/8"
  • Triumph Trophy 955 handle bar controls with custom cables
  • clip-on mirror
  • relocated ignition switch
  • British ribbed style grips
  • Installed Ikon Progressive Front suspension, lowered by 2 inches
  • Installed Ikon rear dampers (tri-rate), lowered 2 inches -badge
  • Braided brake lines
  • W650 petrol tank, shaved, smoothed, knee dents added, fuel injection unit inside the tank, and install Monza race cap (purchased through New Bonneville in the USA)
  • rear frame unit shortened by 4 inches and modified in shape
  • custom fibreglass seat unit moulded to suit frame
  • alloy matt black turn signals
  • horn hidden and rectifier/regulator shifted from bottom yoke to frame
  • hidden wiring throughout
  • fuel injection bodies (ie faux "carbies") painted 2 pack gloss black
  • Norman Hyde rear-sets installed
  • Full custom paint-job by Dutchy

A special thanks to the following guys: Shane McDonald, Josh Veldhuis, Warren Babington (Wazza), Luke Hudson, Jeremy Dash (The American Nightmare), and the crew at DEUS - Shawn Zammit, Brad Black, and Jeremy Tagand.

Cheers for listening,


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