mercoledì 7 luglio 2010

Green Honda!

Oggi vi mostro una bella Cb 200 elaborata dall'amico Richard Weslow... Come sempre vi allego l'email ricevuta dal costruttore di questa bella creatura!

Hello,we started out with a stock cb200 twin the only thing it had going for it was the retro style gas tank,but it leeked and was rusty.We striped the bike down made seat mounts,shock mounts ,rear sets,all hand made.Cut the frame so the volocity stacks go threw the frame,used briggs and stration lawnmower conecting arms for exhaust hangers and VW bug resanators for mufflers,new tires indexed the front brake ,blacked out the fork lowers ,new seals and fork boots.Yamaha Rd head light with a Ford modle T tear drop light sheld. The frame is all cleared out and cliped ,paint and graphics,the project could have never been posable without good friend and fabricator / visionary / Kurt Schwengel ,we built this bike for the Rockerbox Motofest show that takes place in Milwaukee Wisconsin every August.It became a instent fan faveorite.

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